T-SQL to start/Stop SQL services.

--See below example to check the status of SQL Services
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'MSSQLServer'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'SQLServerAGENT'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'msdtc'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'sqlbrowser'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'MSSQLServerOLAPService'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'querystate',N'ReportServer'

— to start/stop service using SSMS

EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'stop',N'SQLServerAGENT'
EXEC xp_servicecontrol N'start',N'SQLServerAGENT'

–See below example to check non-SQL Service

EXEC xp_servicecontrol querystate, DHCPServer

excellent article by author here!!


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